Sama Al Fayhaa is the first pharmaceutical manufacturing company in the entire southern region of Iraq, established in 2012. Situated in Basra, the second biggest city and far south of Iraq. Basra is considered as the biggest supporter of the Iraqi economy with the biggest share of oil export and being the only port in the country.
Our company is planning to produce hundreds of products covering various therapeutic indications and including many pharmaceutical dosage forms, with the aim of manufacturing high quality affordable prices products
Our work is based on strictly applying cGMP regulations and complying with Iraqi MOH rules and instructions throughout all departments and work areas in the factory.

our mission

Our Mission is to support the Iraqi pharmaceutical industry with locally produced high quality pharmaceutical products, as well as throwing the seed of this kind of industry in the south of Iraq and helping hundreds of people getting experience and having respectable jobs in an important section of medicinal products manufacture.

Our Highly dedicated and well trained staff is not wasting any time developing high quality medicinal products in the small scale all the way to the large scale production, contributing to support the growing healthcare needs by locally producing high quality medicines that can provided to the people in acceptable price.

our vision

The long term vision of the founders is to establish the basis for many divisions of sophisticated pharmaceutical industries, like manufacturing of oncology products and biological products.

Our long term plan is to become the largest manufacturer of generic products in Iraq and to supply the country with high quality, affordable-price products and participate in establishing a solid basis for pharmaceutical industry in south of Iraq, boosting Iraqi economy by reducing import of generic medicines.

Our ambitious future plans are largely focusing on building solid partnerships with reputable companies from around the world.

We have started cooperation with some  internationally reputable companies to do technology transfer projects for a number of highly sophisticated products in our plant.